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Before Fajr Remix

by 303BAM

Staten Island’s own 303BAM has made waves in the rap industry with his new “Before Fajr Remix.” The artist’s background and journey are reflected in this track, which exudes raw sincerity and a profound connection to life’s reality.

The musical journey of 303BAM begins with influences from lyrical titans such as Drake and Lil Durk. He and his sibling Thrillah set off on a musical adventure after realizing the transformative potential of music. They experimented with songwriting and production together, which helped 303BAM rise to prominence.

The “303” in his name is a tribute to the zip code of the area he grew up in on Staten Island, New York. The emotional terrains of life, love, loss, and recovery are all explored without fear in his music. His commitment to being himself has helped him gain a global fan base and work with established musicians such Hypno Carlito and Yung Pinch.

303BAM is unquestionably on the rise, with over 2 million streams and a music used in an upcoming 2023 film. The hard work and talent on display in his latest album, “In All Honesty,” which dropped on December 30, 2022, bode well for his future in the hip-hop industry.

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