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“Lemon Tears” returns this month, adding “Better Days” to his catalog of hard-hitting, addictive electronic, experimental and instrumental tracks. More than a comeback really – the track packs a punch with its heavy emotional line and slick soundscape, followed by the classic, confident and powerful lead vocals we know and love. “Lemon Tears” is another amazing and talented soul from Romania.

There’s a depth to this track, darkness even, that really feels like it’s in a league all its own. As always, the performances are immaculate, the music builds and builds, and breaks are structurally creative and engaging, but amidst all this, there is a definite sense that something new has been achieved. It’s like the artist has taken this incredible leap forward into the alternative territory, without sacrificing anything we loved about them.

The track definitely has a very raw and organic sound to the recording, which honestly, makes it more accessible and relevant. Among other things, it gives you plenty of room to really soak up that melodic line and try to grasp the unusual and completely original set of lyrics and the ideas they point to. There is poetry to these lyrics, and the reflective nature of the expressive lines and thoughts has a certain freshness not often heard in modern music.

In short, LEMON TEARS is driven by a precise understanding of the scene, the genres at hand and the talent required to create a mix that holds the audience’s attention from start to finish. Still, the LEMON TEARS entry has a strong sense of individuality, and the soundtrack amplifies this presence and character brilliantly.

LEMON TEARS crafted this with a subtle synthesis of effects, drawing from a well of originality that is ultimately refreshing to explore. Fans of traditional EDM, Techno, House, Deep House, Melodic House or Dance will enjoy this in full force.

Lemon Tears


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