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LIL BECKTA, hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Banff, Alberta, Canada, is making waves in the music industry with his latest release, “BITCH/MOUNTAIN BOY PT. 2.” This captivating track, rooted in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, is a journey into the life and struggles of a rapper from the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

LIL BECKTA, known for his gritty lyrics and raw storytelling, paints a vivid picture of his experiences growing up in this stunning but challenging environment. The song beautifully blends the rugged landscapes of Banff with the urban beats of Hip-Hop, creating a unique sonic experience that is both powerful and emotionally charged.

In this sequel, LIL BECKTA dives even deeper into his life, showcasing his determination to make it in the music industry against all odds. His lyrical prowess and the hauntingly beautiful music video shot amidst the Rocky Mountains will leave you in awe.

“BITCH/MOUNTAIN BOY PT. 2” is more than just a song; it’s a musical journey that combines the raw talent of LIL BECKTA with the stunning backdrop of Banff, Alberta. It’s an anthem for anyone striving to overcome their obstacles and reach for the stars. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece that blends the grit of Hip-Hop with the majesty of nature.

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