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Wesly Derosier Ft Wayne Mondelus
Wesly Derosier Ft Wayne Mondelus

Bonded Forever

by Wesly Derosier Ft Wayne Mondelus

Want to update your music library with a new, heartfelt love song? Check out Wesly Derosier and Wayne Mondelus’s “Bonded Forever.” This R&B song has all the feels since it combines soothing vocals with sensual music.

The words of this song celebrate the enduring link between two lovers, making it an ideal choice for a slow dance or other romantic evening activity. The music video for “Bonded Forever” is equally gripping, depicting the two performers performing the song in a beautiful location while singing their hearts out.

In “Bonded Forever,” Wesly Derosier and Wayne Mondelus showcase their talents and show why they’re on the rise in the R&B world. Listen to this song if you enjoy emotional, heartfelt ballads about love. Add “Bonded Forever” right now to your playlist on YouTube.


Wesly Derosier Ft Wayne Mondelus

Wesly Derosier Ft Wayne Mondelus

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