Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by LoveJusticePeace

In a bold reinterpretation of Beyoncé’s “Cuff It,” LoveJusticePeace delivers a powerful anthem titled “Break Up the Sham.” Fueled by a passion for social justice, Biafran history, and a commitment to activism, LoveJusticePeace combines music and storytelling to create a riveting experience.

The song emerges as a call to action, addressing the legacy of British colonialism in Nigeria, particularly the struggle for Biafran independence. LoveJusticePeace’s personal journey and deep connection to the cause infuse the lyrics with authenticity and urgency.

Originally inspired by Beyoncé’s “Cuff It,” LoveJusticePeace seamlessly weaves African storytelling traditions into the song, reminiscent of childhood tales told by the artist’s grandmother. The result is a unique blend of cultural homage and contemporary activism.

“Break Up the Sham” is more than a cover; it’s a musical narrative that aims to raise awareness among global audiences, transcending borders to unite people against continued colonial injustices. The lyric video, rich with information, invites listeners to delve deeper into the historical context, fostering understanding and solidarity.

LoveJusticePeace’s courage to tackle such a significant project, from writing and singing to producing, is a testament to the artist’s commitment to the cause. The imperfections in the vocals are overshadowed by the poignant message that resonates throughout the track, urging listeners to join hands against colonial oppression.

As “Break Up the Sham” takes center stage, it serves as a rallying cry for justice, a musical journey that transcends boundaries, and a bold step towards dismantling the remnants of colonialism. LoveJusticePeace’s anthem encapsulates the spirit of activism and the transformative power of music.



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