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Bug Night

by Antonio Trinchera

Get ready for a sonic journey with Antonio Trinchera’s “Bug Night,” brilliantly reimagined in Elbert Phillips’ Trippy Tribute Remix. In the realm of Jazz and Jazz House, these maestros from Puglia, Italy, and Chicago join forces for a seven-minute musical odyssey.

Elbert Phillips, a luminary from the Chicago House music scene and handpicked by Frankie Knuckles himself, breathes new life into Trinchera’s original masterpiece. The Trippy Tribute Mix pays homage to the roots of UK Jazz-Funk from the early 1980s, creating an auditory experience that transcends time and genre.

With contributions from Tom Laroye and Terrence ‘Slim’ Holmes, this remix is a sublime fusion of creative energies. As you delve into “Bug Night,” be prepared for a Jazz-infused tapestry that showcases the collaborative brilliance of Antonio Trinchera and Elbert Phillips. It’s not just a remix; it’s a Trippy Tribute that invites you to dance through the intersection of cultures and musical eras.

Antonio Trinchera

Antonio Trinchera

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