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by Brooke Burgess

After 25 years in the entertainment industry, this award-winning Canadian writer and creator killed two bucket-list birds with one stone make an epic cross-genre music video project and (far more importantly) become a Dad. Nearly two decades on from a win at the Sundance Film Festival that launched a storied interactive narrative career, Burgess produced 20 songs and music videos as more than just a mid-life singer/songwriter flex they’re the legend of an incredible boy, the man transformed by his love, and the kind of bond that comes around one in a thousand lifetimes. Her latest song “BUMPY”, an amazing track is a narration of a mother about her affection and the world to her loving son.

Brooke Burgess’s “BUMPY” is one of the greatest songs the artist ever sang. Credit is certainly due to her songwriting skills, with amazing delivery that converted the words into pure soul gold. Even if you are not old enough to understand or experience the type of love that Burgess sings about, you know that you want your parents to feel this way, and you to feel this way about your kids. Beginning with sweetness and innocence, this song gradually builds to a deep philosophical narration of life with her ecstatic vocals. Lines from the song “Oh my child, well I know that it ain’t easy… but I am on the ride with you, And I know we’ll make it through… It’s true.” and this is saying that no matter what, she will love his son throughout life, good and bad times guiding him correctly.

The intro of the song opens up with synthesiser and piano playing motifs, drums playing on the cymbal and bass playing simple lines on the root notes of the chords. Vocals come in singing in an intimate ballad-style singing about how special the baby is to her. The dynamic of the song shifts slightly in the chorus, the level of the instruments raise slightly and the drums become more forceful in the way they are playing and add variation to the bass drum. The guitar plays in lofi style bouncing the notes from the root, Brooke Burgess keeps singing proficiently in an angelic way until the song fades out.

Brooke Burgess

Brooke Burgess

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