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Burn the bridges

by Karma Incident

Straight from the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, Karma Incident sets the metal scene ablaze with their latest track, “Burn the Bridges.” Comprising the formidable trio of Andrey Novikov on guitars and vocals, Ivaylo Andreev on bass and backing vocals, and Bozhidar Popov on guitars, Karma Incident is a force to be reckoned with.

In a world where past shadows linger, “Burn the Bridges” emerges as a sonic inferno, a metal anthem that urges listeners to sever ties with dark times. The band’s blend of thrash and death metal transcends the boundaries of the genre, creating a relentless and electrifying soundscape.

Join Karma Incident on a musical journey where bridges burn, forging a path from the shadows of the past to the relentless future of metal.

KARMA Incident

Karma Incident

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