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By your Side

by Blendin´Era

German-based music producers and musicians BLENDIN’ERA will take you on an unforgettable musical adventure. Their newest single, “By Your Side,” exemplifies their dedication to bringing listeners the music of the future right now.

To create something truly original in the world of dance music, “By Your Side” fuses sounds from across musical traditions. This song has all the makings of a summer classic, complete with memorable hooks and a driving rhythm that will take you away to sandy shores and carefree days.

There is no limit to BLENDIN’ERA’s love of music, and their dedication to exploring new creative territory shines through in every song. As a result of working together across continents and genres, they’ve created an original, exciting, and very contagious sound.

Listening to “By Your Side,” one may feel the sultry summer air and understand the song in any language. BLENDIN’ERA is committed to making innovative dance music, so you may dance to their beats both now and in the future.



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