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Dylan James
Dylan James Shaw

Bye Bye GIRL

by Dylan James Shaw

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, a musical prodigy emerges at the tender age of 16 – Dylan James Shaw. His latest enchanting creation, “Bye Bye GIRL,” is a melody that effortlessly blends Pop and Jazz, showcasing a maturity beyond his years.

Dylan, a young maestro, has woven a sonic tapestry that belies his age, proving that talent knows no bounds. Hailing from Dallas, he introduces a refreshing twist to the music scene, infusing soulful Jazz elements into the vibrant Pop genre.

“Bye Bye GIRL” isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to Dylan’s burgeoning artistry and a glimpse into the promising future of music. Join the journey as this 16-year-old sensation from Texas bids adieu with a musical gem that transcends genres and captures hearts.

Dylan James

Dylan James Shaw

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