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Calle Ocho with Pikachu

by General Tapia

The music video for “General Tapia @ Calle Ocho with Pikachu” features the talented artist General Tapia, so get ready to dance. The mix of Dembow and Urban Latin in this upbeat and infectious track is a winning combination that will have you tapping your toes in no time.

General Tapia grew up in Miami, thus he is familiar with the city’s thriving music industry. He’s managed to capture the spirit of Latin urban music with his own distinctive style and boundless enthusiasm.

The YouTube music video that goes along with the song transports viewers to the exciting streets of Calle Ocho, where the singer/songwriter can truly shine.

General Tapia’s “Calle Ocho with Pikachu” will captivate your ears and get you moving whether you’re a fan of Dembow or Urban Latin music. Get ready to party like it’s the wild streets of Miami by letting the music take you there.


General Tapia

General Tapia

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