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Casino Robber

by St Brendan L.A.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of “Casino Robber,” a fascinating music video created by the gifted St Brendan L.A. The cyberpunk tones of this Hollywood-based musician’s coldwave, techno, and synthwave will transport you.

In this aesthetically stunning video, three bold women and a skilled keyboardist attempt a daring heist using consumer-grade equipment they have hacked themselves. Natasha, Juliette, and Hannah give standout performances in this St. Brendan and Carlos Perez-directed music video, filmed on a movie set in downtown Los Angeles.

The story of “Casino Robber” is an intricate web of hacking, intrigue, and the final casino heist, all of which are rendered with creative aplomb and originality. St Brendan L.A.’s limitless creativity and talent are on full display in this riveting production, which transports viewers to a fascinating cyberpunk universe. Within the confines of an exhilarating music video, you will be transported to a world of daring heists and throbbing sounds.


St Brendan L.A.

St Brendan L.A.

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