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Catch my Vibe ft Nanouk

by Basement Prophet

Basement Prophet has an amazingly inspiring voice right now, the vibes are stronger than ever, and as an artist – his fusion of Pop, Rap, Trap, and Dancehall feels beautiful.

Basement Prophet is a Newcomer from Germany, Bavaria. He Self-made producer and musician. 2020 was a hell of a start. Even though Basement Prophet’s first studio burned down and situations were heavy the outcome was epic. In 2022 things started working out: Festivals, Concerts, a new crew and the Album Götterdämmerung. His passion is and always will be music. He wants to form a unique sound. A sound no one else has. Influenced by musicians like “Falco” but also by new sounds like “Juice WRLD”, “Polo G”, “Oliver Tree” and “Ufo361”. He just wants to create his own sound. Something that will be remembered. He is always Dreaming big, and working harder.

“Catch my Vibe” is a totally uplifting and musically organic song. The track has been made as bright and infectious as it is by the perfect combination. The first is the writing – it’s accessible, relatable, with easily memorable melodies. The second is Basement Prophet ft Nanouk’s voices, he puts forth a flawless performance loaded with soul and style and confidence, meeting the laid-back mood set by that pop vibe but still offering plenty in the way of passion and energy.

There’s something instantly appealing about this video, its simplicity in no way detracting from its energy – on the contrary, this single-shot style directs (and keeps) your attention to the central character; As opposed to mere lyrics – every emotion and every idea is so truly played that it is expressed with the whole body. As the song progresses, a few small details seem to add to the soundscape’s strength a touch of rhythm, organically, and some distant vocal hums that add that vibe and that soulful authenticity in a subtle but effective way.

The song builds slowly but surely, and it’s totally satisfying in the process. The hook is mighty and that’s exactly what’s left lingering in your mind after listening. The future looks beautifully bright for Basement Prophet and I can’t wait to hear more.

Basement Prophet

Basement Prophet

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