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Center of Attention
Angelo Soukno
Angelo Soukno

Center of Attention

by Angelo Soukno

The new song “Center of Attention” is intriguing and worthy of your complete attention. Angelo Soukno, a dynamic artist from Maryland, USA, creates an original sound by fusing elements of rap, Latin rap, and house music.

Angelo Soukno is making his mark as a musician thanks to his unique sound and commanding stage presence. A lack of biographical information is offset by the evident talent and originality of his songs.

The music video for “Center of Attention” provides a visual component to the song that enriches and engages listeners. “Center of Attention” is likely to make an impression and leave listeners wanting more thanks to its infectious beats, compelling lyrics, and Angelo Soukno’s charismatic performance.

Now is your chance to enter Angelo Soukno’s universe and make his song “Center of Attention” your new musical addiction.


Angelo Soukno

Angelo Soukno

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