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Night City

by Kaleidoscope Project

Step into the pulsating neon-lit streets of a cyberpunk metropolis with “Night City” by the enigmatic Kaleidoscope Project, now illuminating the airwaves of your favorite station. Hungarian composer Olivér Kovács leads this eclectic musical journey, offering listeners a glimpse into a world where reality and fantasy blur into one.

“Night City” is more than just a track; it’s an atmospheric masterpiece that immerses you in a surreal landscape of pulsating synthesizers, hypnotic drum machines, and soulful vocals. With each beat, you’re transported deeper into the heart of a futuristic urban labyrinth, where secrets lurk in every shadow and dreams take on a darker, more enigmatic form.

As Olivér Kovács embarks on his musical odyssey with the Kaleidoscope Project, listeners are invited to join him on a journey through a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions. So, tune in and let the mesmerizing sounds of “Night City” take you on an unforgettable musical voyage.

Kaleidoscope Project

Kaleidoscope Project

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