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Mana Olga
Mana Olga feat. Lionel

C’est Qui

by Mana Olga feat. Lionel

Get ready to be uplifted by “C’est Qui,” the latest praise anthem by Mana Olga feat. Lionel. Blending Gospel, Afrobeats, and Christian music, this inspiring track is a heartfelt recognition of Jesus Christ’s supreme control and worthiness of all honor and glory.

Mana Olga, hailing from Belgium, is a devoted servant of Christ with a profound musical gift. Her mission is to use her talent to praise Jesus and draw people closer to God, encouraging them to build a personal relationship with Him.

“C’est Qui” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful declaration of faith and reverence. With its vibrant Afrobeats rhythm and uplifting gospel message, the track promises to resonate deeply with listeners, inspiring joy and spiritual connection.

Tune in to “C’est Qui” and let Mana Olga and Lionel lead you in a beautiful celebration of faith and divine recognition.

Mana Olga

Mana Olga feat. Lionel

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