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Checkin Out

by J.Bravo

J.bravo’s new song “Checkin Out” sets the tone with a crystal-clear but soft dreamy sound and beat from the beginning and continues to deliver the captivating song that Summer has been asking for.

‘J.bravo’ is a young singer and artist from Boston,Ma who is simply trying to make it and remain alive.

At this latest track, ‘J.bravo’ takes a new approach to sound design. “Checkin Out” begins quickly with a catchy, spacious and unique new tune, blending the nostalgic spirit of heavy electronics like hip hop and the more absorbing pop sound.

Initially, the distinction between elegance and drive works well. ‘This dance-kissed rhythm, like J.bravo’s’s long-form lyrics and melodic progression, evokes a sense of speed and movement. Then the softness of the tone, the simple repetition of those flickers – a hip-hop touch inspired by nature. Because of the sheer coexistence and professionalism, these details work as one.

The determination to create music here is undeniable. From a distance, the whole thing seems simple – it’s an intriguing piece of music full of confident and intense dance-kissing maneuvers – but focusing on any audio opportunity choice reveals just how much effort and professionalism has really gone into it.

Exquisite work, meaningful songs and a piece of music we will often hear in the coming weeks and months.


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