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Clerow’s Flipped (Christian McBride Cover)

by Andrew Vogt

Experience the soulful reinterpretation of “Clerow’s Flipped” by Andrew Vogt, a jazz virtuoso hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chicago.

Andrew Vogt, renowned as a seasoned session and touring bassist, brings his distinctive flair to this Christian McBride cover. With a career enriched by collaborations with local and national luminaries, Vogt’s bass resonates with depth and sophistication.

“Clerow’s Flipped” embodies Vogt’s passion for jazz, showcasing his skillful interpretation and reverence for McBride’s legacy. Vogt’s journey from the Chicago area to stages worldwide has shaped his musical identity, blending tradition with innovation.

Join Andrew Vogt on a sonic exploration where every note tells a story. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or new to the genre, “Clerow’s Flipped” promises to captivate with its timeless melodies and Vogt’s mastery. Embrace the artistry of Andrew Vogt and immerse yourself in the allure of jazz from the heart of Chicago.

Andrew Vogt

Andrew Vogt

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