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by GCZMusic

The latest music video by Global City Zen, “Deep Progressive House 2023 COME TOGETHER Mix,” features the hypnotic sounds of the global underground. GCZ Music is a London-based label producing music in a variety of non-mainstream styles, including Deep House, Afro Beat, and Chillout. It was founded and is run by DJ Gee.

It’s a seamless combination of enveloping melodies and driving beats that will take listeners on a sonic journey. Every piece from Global City Zen has a little bit of the signature style of artists like Helly Larson, Black Coffee, and James Grant infused into it.

GCZ Music is an international collective of music lovers who encourage listeners of all stripes to join them on their musical journey, from Gentleman to Future House Music fans. Immerse yourself in the euphoric sounds of the Deep Progressive House 2023 COME TOGETHER Mix and let it take you on a journey through the underground music scenes of the world.

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