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Crash & Burn

by Duskhaven

Duskhaven, a dynamic 4-piece metalcore band from Cleveland, Ohio, has just dropped their debut single “Crash & Burn” with an accompanying official music video. Drawing inspiration from heavyweights like Dayseeker, Bad Omens, and ERRA, Duskhaven’s sound is both powerful and emotive.

Comprised of Corey Dague on vocals, Dave Lupica on guitar, Ryan Kennedy on bass, and Chandler Emhoff on drums, Duskhaven brings a fresh intensity to the metalcore scene. Their new track “Crash & Burn” showcases the band’s ability to blend crushing riffs with melodic undertones, creating a compelling listening experience that resonates with fans of the genre.

Released on May 10th, “Crash & Burn” is already making waves for its raw energy and lyrical depth. The song delves into themes of struggle and resilience, capturing the essence of overcoming adversity. Don’t miss out on Duskhaven’s explosive entry into the metalcore world with “Crash & Burn.”

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