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Desangelada Inercia
Desangelada Inercia


by Desangelada Inercia

Criogenia from Desangelada Inercia, is a next level metal song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Desangelada Inercia is a Mexican band from Numetal, Deathmetal formed by the duo Sic Shelby and Daliis. All the songs were written by Daliis and Sic Shelby. Desangelada Inercia is a deathcore / nu-metal band from Mexico City formed by Sic Shelby (bass & vocals) Daliis (guitar & screams). The band’s music is full of powerful riffs, throaty and clean vocals that create a harmonic atmosphere in each song. The themes of the lyrics of Desangelada Inercia address the psychology of the human being, narcissism, spirituality.

Here are lyrics,

Detener el flujo
De mi decadencia
Tengo el poder sobre mi muerte
He causado el rito a mi elección
Talvez después
Viviré otra era

La resilencia esta en mis venas
la evolución es mi espera
Quiero la muerte y depuso otra vida
Llévate mi vida y bríndame luz
el comienzo del longevo pensamiento sin fin
Mis pulmones respirando 20 grados bajo cero


Desangelada Inercia

Desangelada Inercia

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