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Day Dream

by Maugic

South Korean up-and-comer Maugic is set to dominate the rock music world with his new single and accompanying music video, “Day Dream.” Maugic brings the house down with his high-octane performance, which he fuels with a contagious energy and a compelling stage persona.

Maugic’s love of rock music was instilled in him at an early age, thanks to his upbringing in South Korea. He has taken cues from some of the best in rock, but his own distinctive style has emerged, one that fuses explosive guitar riffs, compelling vocals, and pulsating melodies.

The passion and commitment that Maugic displays in “Day Dream” as a rock musician is evident. The song’s energizing vibe instantly improves one’s mood and whisks one away to a land of musical bliss. The soaring chorus and memorable hooks of “Day Dream” will stick in the minds of rock fans forever.

Experience the thrill of Maugic’s explosive sound and engaging performances as he rises to the forefront of the rock music world. You’ve been warned: listening to his music is like taking a drug. Get ready to soar with Maugic’s “Day Dream.”

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