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Despite All The Noise

by Sonificade

Brace yourself for a sonic onslaught as Sonificade, the 4-piece Alternative Rock powerhouse from Manchester, United Kingdom, releases “Despite All The Noise.” With influences spanning alternative, post-punk, and indie, Sonificade delivers a musical journey that defies boundaries.

Formed in 2008 and now returning after a Covid-induced hiatus, Sonificade presents a track that resonates with the pulse of modern societies. “Despite All The Noise” is not just a song; it’s a searing commentary on the distractions and inconsistencies of our times, a rallying cry against political exploitation.

As the guitars roar and the vocals soar, listeners are catapulted into a world where explosive choruses and energetic rhythms reign supreme. Sonificade’s return promises dance-worthy beats, mosh-worthy riffs, and emotions that will make you want to both hug and cry. “Despite All The Noise” is more than a song; it’s a sonic force that demands attention, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Album and E.P. in the new year.

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