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Do Drugs to Much

by Blackmose

Blackmose’s newest hip hop offering, “Do Drugs to Much,” is a deep dive into the world of unfettered emotion and expression. Blackmose is a promising young artist from Oklahoma City who boldly explores life’s unseen facets in his work. By listening to “Do Drugs to Much,” you’ll be taken on a musical trip that unabashedly tackles the intricacies of life and provides a fresh take on conventional wisdom.

Blackmose’s hip hop is more than just a beat; it’s a story that makes its listeners think about the complexities of life. His work reflects the unseen facets of our lives and serves as a mirror beyond the realm of entertainment. The unconventional perspectives and universal themes explored in “Do Drugs to Much” provoke thought and promote empathy. Prepare to be intrigued by the profound levels of Blackmose’s work as his intriguing lyrics combine effortlessly with his distinctive musical approach.


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