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Don’t Know Her Name

by Jace metz

Jace Metz is a musician and actor, born in Houston,Texas predominantly experimenting music on Hip Hop and also other genres of music .Jace loves music and admires many artists but always strives to take risks in order to create quality music.He spent about four years experimenting music by writing lyrics,singing and learning the art of recording.Metz enjoys collaborating with other artists and he has given the due credit for his producer,Mousa for helping him to understand the in and outs of recording music and helping him to evolve and grow as an artist.As an aspiring artist Jace has the potential of becoming a renowned artist in the industry as he is full of talent and versatility.

His latest song “Don’t know her name” is a Hip Hop Rock song about falling in love with a stranger. “Fell in love with a girl but I don’t know her name” depicts that he has fallen in love with a girl but he doesn’t know what her name is or her whereabouts.In the song he says that he couldn’t muster the courage to ask the girl’s name and he is kind of embarrassed about himself for that. The song is very simple yet very lively and vivacious because of Metz’s energetic and vibrant singing.Fusions of Rock and Hip Hop music perfectly blends together creating some quality music that uplifts the mood of the audience.The rap part of the song has a flow and rhythmic tone which gives color to the song.

Jace has the qualities of a professional artist and his vocals are amazing.Jace puts his heart and soul to create awesome songs with an authentic rock vibe which is unique to him.Jace is definitely an artist that you should check out as he is truly a talented artist who has a passion for music. Make sure you listen to his song “Don’t know her name” and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the track as much as I did.

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