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Don’t Stop

by SolarPulse

SolarPulse, the versatile electronic artist, is making waves with his latest creation, “Don’t Stop.” Hailing from the vibrant nightlife of Paris, SolarPulse started his musical journey in 2016, swiftly becoming a fixture in renowned Parisian clubs like Batofar, Pigallion, and VIP ROOM. He even shared the stage with DJ Pane Mua from the renowned Never Say Die label.

SolarPulse’s talents expanded beyond DJing as he ventured into music composition within the Banne Sqvad Group. In 2022, he embarked on a new chapter in Barcelona, focusing on releasing an EP while actively participating in the city’s Drum and Bass scene.

One of his notable achievements was organizing “CLIMBASS,” a free-entry event that drew over 650 attendees to an unconventional venue – a climbing hall in the heart of Paris. The event featured a VTT trial show alongside SolarPulse’s captivating set, and he also booked four Barcelona-based artists.

SolarPulse’s unique and versatile style, influenced by bass music, techno, and house, promises an unforgettable musical journey enriched with surprising mashups. With “Don’t Stop,” SolarPulse invites you to experience the melodic techno wonderland he’s crafted, showcasing his ever-evolving electronic music prowess. So, don’t stop the beat and let SolarPulse transport you to a musical universe where the rhythms never cease to amaze.

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