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Drake falling back

by Issata

Issata’s latest song is a remix of a popular song Falling Back by Drake. The original song does not require an introduction. Hence, a remix of the song surely could pave the way for Issata the artist from Chicago.
Issata’s previous work was majorly Hip Hop . Thus the remix is a definite surprise.

A remix song is often a track that has been contorted or altered in such a way that it is reminiscent of the original song, that stands out separately for its uniqueness. While there are many softwares available for remixing , it is imperative one choose the right platform, If not the damage to the original song can not be compensated. Most remix failures are due to not choosing the sounds which are in the right key. It could either make it or break it.

However, with the littlest sound knowledge I possess , Drake’s Falling Back by Issata provides justification to the original song. A good sign. Also Issta does bring his own flair by including Hip Hop beats. A risque move yet pays off well according to me. Truly appreciate Issata’s creative mind.

Issata thus proves his capabilities along with his previous work. An artist who is willing to explore different genres. Often having different capabilities is considered a boon for an artist , because it lets him explore , reinvent and regenerate oneself. A niche could be found where Issata has got its true mastery or else he could continue to entertain a much larger audience. The decision must be taken carefully. However, as of now he is too good in both Hip Hop and Remixing. Not to forget Remixing is a cult of its own. An art form loved across the globe. For all those remix lovers, Issata’s Remix of Drake’s Falling Back is a must listen.

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