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Eris Dawn

by St Brendan L.A.

The world of St. Brendan L.A. Walsh’s “Eris Dawn” is mesmerizing. This engaging tune is a blend of coldwave and synthwave styles; it will transport you with its intriguing melodies and dramatic soundscapes.

Hollywood, California native St. Brendan L.A. is a musician who allows their work to do the talking. Despite the lack of a bio or discography, their skill is evident in the compelling music they’ve written.

The downtown Los Angeles setting of the music video for “Eris Dawn,” directed by Carlos Perez and St. Brendan, makes for some breathtaking imagery. The video’s artistic cinematography and Natasha and Lo’s engaging performances do the song justice. Please be aware that while the film does not feature any sexually explicit content, it may feature “leg shots” that are inappropriate for certain viewers.

Enter the world of “Eris Dawn” and allow the hypnotic music and stunning pictures to whisk you away to a place of magic and mystery. Take a trip down memory lane with St Brendan L.A. and their captivating blend of coldwave and synthwave.

St Brendan L.A.

St Brendan L.A.

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