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Eris' Dawn
St Brendan L.A.
St Brendan L.A.

Eris’ Dawn

by St Brendan L.A.

St Brendan L.A.’s “Eris’ Dawn (Day Break)” is a mesmerizing new song and music video that fuses synthwave and cyberpunk. Taking cues from classic anime, club music from the ’80s and ’90s, and William Gibson’s “Mona Lisa Overdrive,” St. Brendan L.A. has composed a rhythmically charged score for a pre-dystopic Los Angeles.

St Brendan L.A. is a maestro of creating enveloping sound environments and is based in the exciting metropolis of Los Angeles, California. The captivating rhythms and throbbing synths of “Eris’ Dawn (Day Break)” will take you away to a futuristic world where technology and mankind are intertwined.

The accompanying music video elevates the experience by surrounding the viewer with amazing visuals that give life to the cyberpunk concept. Get swept up in the spellbinding ambiance and let the music carry you along the intriguing journey.

Watching the music video for “Eris’ Dawn (Day Break)” by St. Brendan L.A. is like going on an exciting auditory voyage with them. The world of synthwave and cyberpunk is an exhilarating one; click the link below to explore it.

St Brendan L.A.

St Brendan L.A.

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