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False Prophets

by Mike Hitt

Mike Hitt is an American Music Producer born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He had a long career creating music, learning about music, and teaching others. he would go on to learn every aspect of putting together a song and being an artist and eventually would open a studio called MCM Studios right in his hometown. For the last 15+ years, he has worked with thousands of artists, had music on TV, Film, and Radio, traveled for music, worked with established artists, instructed emerging artists to hone their own careers, and participated in every musical creation from A to Z. He is a student, a teacher, a creator, and a fan. He aspires to leave everyone better than he met them. Life is hard and he doesn’t like to make it any harder.

“False Prophets” is Mike Hitt’s 4th studio single release with the motivational theme of surpassing doubts both internal and external. False Prophets is the type of song that would help you get one more rep in the gym, one more lap around the track, or one more hour working towards your dreams. False Prophets empower you to get up tomorrow and show the world and yourself that you’re dedicated.

Within each minute of music, the sound is both rhythmical and heavy, progressing through the artist’s creative storyline with the attitude of Rao, R&B, and Trap, an underlying softness of soundscape as well. What makes it interesting is the lyrics. The leading voice throughout the sample has a different level of desire and urgency, both in performance and in the words chosen to express these ideas. Verbal, in most cases, softly descriptive images and in the middle of several main lines around you in a somewhat hypnotic way, addressing someone directly.

He hopes that one day his journey will inspire others to follow their heart and pursue whatever they are called to do. So I invite you to stay with Mike Hitt for his latest updates.

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