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Fear Is Like A Wave

by Harmelodic Dreamer

New from Minnesota’s Harmelodic Dreamer comes the hauntingly beautiful “Fear Is Like A Wave.” Beautifully haunting vocals float effortlessly over the song’s dreamy, atmospheric music, making this a magnificent fusion of singer-songwriter and bedroom pop. The accompanying music video for the song can be found on YouTube, and it’s just as gripping. The gorgeous images perfectly match the song’s emotional intensity.

The sound tapestry that Harmelodic Dreamer weaves is a testament to the band’s musical skill, since it incorporates motifs from a wide variety of musical styles. Their dedication to musical brilliance, which began when they were 11 and participated in a choir tour, has paid off in this impressive degree of variety, and they now study at the illustrious Berklee College of Music.

Listen to “Fear is like a wave” if you enjoy moving and engrossing music. Listen to the soothing sounds of Harmelodic Dreamer and close your eyes.

Harmelodic Dreamer

Harmelodic Dreamer

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