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For Real

by Xclvsif

We’re excited to share “For Real” by Xclvsif, a bilingual artist originally from Gabon who now makes his home in Los Angeles. This infectious hip-hop tune is a fusion of trap and pop rap that results in a fresh and exciting style.

Xclvsif’s drive and enthusiasm have carried him forward on his path to becoming a successful musician. He persevered in the face of opposition and discouragement. Xclvsif’s mother gave him the confidence to succeed while he was growing up in Gabon and France.

Xclvsif moved to Houston, Texas when he was a teenager and has been pursuing his dream of becoming a musician ever since. After finishing high school, he took the plunge and relocated to California to pursue his dream of being a musician.

Hip-hop fans will appreciate “For Real” since it demonstrates Xclvsif’s lyrical skill and production expertise. Xclvsif’s “For Real” is a reflection of his hard work and talent, and his multicultural background and distinctive sound provide the music industry a new viewpoint.

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