Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Bngo

Feel the strength of friendship via the music of BNGO’s newest single, “Friends.” The Norwegian band BNGO creates a memorable musical journey that honors the connections we have with individuals we care about.

With “Friends,” BNGO expertly blends memorable hooks and sincere lyrics into a seamless whole that speaks to the listener’s emotions. If you click on the attached YouTube link, you may watch a music video that fits the song’s theme of friendship and togetherness even better.

BNGO, with its roots in Norway’s thriving music industry, puts its signature sound and high level of intensity into every performance. BNGO has all the makings of a major hit because of the talent and dedication of its members.

Discover the power of friendship with BNGO as they take you on a musical trip through their song “Friends.”

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