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From Home


Enjoy the new, entrancing single “From Home” by Marriott, a gifted Canadian singer-songwriter. Marriott’s music is a blend of R&B, hip hop, and alternative styles, his musical journey began in the church, and he has been influenced by a wide variety of artists.

Marriott infuses his own music with sincerity, hope, and vulnerability, much like the work of modern artists like Lucky Daye, SiR, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. His songs are an emotional journey through themes of love, sorrow, and self-discovery. Marriott gets the inspiration for his heartfelt compositions in deep discussions and sleepless nights of meditation.

The future work by Marriott, titled Dare To Be Different, is evidence of his growth as an artist. It illustrates his independence of spirit, his openness to spirituality, and his acceptance of his authentic self. This undertaking marks a watershed moment in Marriott’s career, the culmination of years of growth and self-awareness. Dare To Be Different, due out in the fall of 2023, boasts sincere lyrics and memorable melodies that are sure to win over listeners.

Listeners get ready to experience a musical trip unlike any other thanks to Marriott’s forthcoming initiative.

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