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Greatest of Lights

by River Nelson

River Nelson tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days. His latest track, Greatest of Lights is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. River Nelson mixes his sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe. River Nelson was born in United States. “Greatest of Lights” is the new single from River Nelson’s fifth album “Like the Sun Didn’t Sink,” which was released on October 29th. Both the song and the album were produced by Los Angeles-area producer AltoBeats. The concept of the single is based on River’s belief that we’re all protected by the highest and strongest spiritual force, God, who River calls The Greatest of Lights. “Have you ever experienced a dangerous moment but got out of it totally unscathed? asks River. “Or have you ever received something in life out of nowhere that you desperately needed? “That’s what Greatest of Lights is about. It’s a way for me to celebrate being watched over without telling people what to believe or think. ”The video was written and directed by Los Angeles-based filmmaker James I. Austen and stars Kaiya Wynn, as well as Derrick Arledge Vidrine.

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