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Grow Up

by DJ Soler

Starting with a quirky style, the rap familiarity of “Grow Up” by ‘DJ Soler’ from San Francisco, California will be your next favourite song, a mix of DJ Soler’s “Grow Up” music combined with the raw musical vibrancy of a rap that evokes it.

The track has a big shock, it’s addictive; The rhythm is consistent, so it keeps you captivated, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has its reflexive and somewhat simplistic nature, but the note selection adds to the vibrancy, adding to the intensity, and it somehow builds up while the music remains on the same plain. It’s a brilliant product, and it’s always interesting. It’s a kind of music that is hard to put in a specific environment, but it fits in perfectly in the middle of anything you do while playing. It’s fun, it’s atmospheric, and it’s easy to get into.

The music is great, the more you listen – the more that prominent, rap-inspired Riff makes its mark and grows into something more and more fun and comforting. The rhythm is great and the vocal energy of the song works great with all of this. The lyrics speak of life, talent, perspective, passion – honesty and positivity, things that can connect listeners and everything they can forget by shaking for a while.

Subsequent rap-singing adds a new character, a deeper tone, a little more attitude and an alternative passion – DJ Soler’s vocals are excellent, and the performance is fresh and somewhat adaptable. The experimental, stop-start nature of the rhythm. The essence of the track is carried with confidence and fits well into the general environment. The overall effect is that the track is a bit mesmerizing, addictive hopefully much more to come.

It feels like a much bigger opportunity than modest processing licenses, and it speaks volumes about the potential of the track for songwriting and live concerts.

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