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Gunfight in Your Mind

by Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees

The next indie rock masterpiece from the Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees is titled “Gunfight in Your Mind (Album Mix).” This amazing band of musicians from Seongnam, Republic of Korea, is creating waves with their original brand of indie and alternative rock.

The Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees create a compelling sound that draws from both classic rock and more recent indie styles. Their guitar-driven, bass-and-drums-heavy songs have catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics that really hit home with fans.

The band’s hard work pays off in their exciting sound and fervent live shows. The Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees write songs that delve into the depths of the human psyche, touching on topics like introspection, personal struggle, and the will to better oneself.

Listen to “Gunfight in Your Mind (Album Mix)” by Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees and get ready to be taken on an unforgettable musical adventure. Experience a new dimension in rock music as their song leads you to a place where feelings collide.


Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees

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