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G vibez
Saint Thugs ft Crayonz ft Highrise
Saint Thugs ft Crayonz ft Highrise


by Saint Thugs ft Crayonz ft Highrise

The new single “Gvibez,” a collaboration between Filipino acts Saint Thugs, Crayonz, and Highrise, is sure to get you up and moving. The trio’s fusion of hip hop, pop, and rap produces a catchy rhythm that won’t let you stop moving to the music. The song’s memorable melody and lyrics are sure to get you humming along in no time.

The YouTube video features the musicians performing the song in front of an urban environment, showcasing their charisma and enthusiasm. The video’s eye-catching aesthetics and the originality of the performers make “Gvibez” an absolute must-watch for anyone interested in the future of the Filipino music industry.

Check out their Facebook page for news about their music and upcoming shows if you’re interested in keeping up with the artists’ careers. The trio’s skills as musicians and as producers are on full display in “Gvibez,” which features their signature sound in a new and fascinating context.


Saint Thugs ft Crayonz ft Highrise

Saint Thugs ft Crayonz ft Highrise

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