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Quoia States
Quoia States

Heartbreak City

by Quoia States

Quoia States, the dynamic singer-songwriter hailing from Toronto and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has released her latest single, “Heartbreak City.” This track is a mesmerizing blend of R&B, pop, bedroom music, Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, and amapiano, showcasing Quoia’s versatile musical talents.

Quoia’s music journey has been driven by a deep passion for storytelling through heartfelt lyrics. Born in Toronto and raised in Halifax, she describes music as her first language, a powerful medium to share her experiences and connect with others. With “Heartbreak City,” she invites listeners into a world of raw emotion and soulful melodies.

Quoia is committed to making a significant impact in the music industry, inspiring young artists along the way. Her potential is limitless, and she’s excited to continue evolving and creating music that resonates on a deep, personal level. Join Quoia States on her musical adventure and experience the magic of “Heartbreak City.”

Quoia States

Quoia States

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