Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Shagg

For this stunning new release up-and-coming musician Shagg, “HIGHLIGHT” combines powerful emotional visuals with a lively and captivating soundscape.

Ryan Batiste is professionally known as Shagg . He is a musician , producer , music teacher and festival producer from New Orleans , LA . He started a band called Raw Revolution in 2010 and turned it into his brand in 2017.

Shagg is a master of flows and melodies, seamlessly changing tempos while his words paint a realistic picture of his life. He also has the ability to uplifting compositions with a more accessible subject matter.

Shagg is quick to make an impact with this latest single, gracefully combining a well-known, uplifting vibe with a smooth yet gritty, fast-paced vocal delivery, straddles the line between rap and hip hop. The song and video are presented by an artist who loves recognizable musical expression. Shagg showcases hip hop – wordplay, rhyme and rhythm – as well as music as a broader art form and medium of expression. The track’s musical qualities are increasingly impressive throughout, highlighting a love of melodic elements as well as the lyrical and vocal flow side of things.

The track has an addictive appeal to it, combining so many flashes of color and character with an extreme passion and obvious love for the art form. Many parts of the audio clip allow it to hold your attention and affection till the end. Then, when it’s over, you can’t help but go back to the beginning.

A unique and classically skilled piece of Hip Hop that perfectly reignites the genre’s initial strength and smoothness. This time all year round, it’s well worth a few streams.

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