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Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra
Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra

Hold Your Fire

by Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra

Listen to “Hold Your Fire” by the Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra and get ready to be mesmerized. You’ll be whisked away to a place of musical brilliance and refinement by this big band and current voice jazz piece.

The Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra, led by the gifted musician, composer, and conductor Ed Partyka, gives a stunning performance that highlights their extraordinary skill. These musicians, hailing from Finland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, combine a wide variety of musical styles to create something entirely new.

Ed Partyka’s decades-long career as a bass trombonist, tubist, and composer is evident in the polished sound of “Hold Your Fire.” Partyka and his orchestra send the listener on a wonderful musical trip, thanks to their skill at creating complicated melodies and captivating arrangements.

Jazz fans and those who value artistic craftsmanship alike should give “Hold Your Fire” a spin. Hear the Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra as they push the limits of what is possible in contemporary big band and vocal jazz.


Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra

Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra

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