Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by MakemovesSayless

MakesMovesSayless is a hip-hop band based in El Paso, TX. The group is Chile, Sayless and Skitzobeats. Chile brought some flavour from Kentucky. Sayless does it from Texas. Skitzobeats is his own artist as well as their engineer and producer from El Paso, TX. They combined their talents and resources to create Sayless Studios. Together they built a recording studio and a production studio in a 24,000-square-foot warehouse. With their combined resources, they have a trained sound engineer, videographer and experienced beater maker who keep it all at home. Make moves Sayless rest is history.

“HOT” singer Chile ft. Sayless may be the best release ever. They started developing a love for music from an early age and will always consider themselves big stars. It’s an exciting track that grows in a simple but extremely satisfying way, and it’s a great piece of music to embrace as it stays on the horizon of 2022.

The emerging passion and instrumental sophistication of this section influence you to be completely surrounded by music and moments. It has a hypnotic and addictive effect, especially when it shows an absolutely high level of emotional intensity. The song is beautiful, incredibly uplifting – the moment it stopped, the emptiness of the silence was a bit unbearable. The whole thing has a definite freshness to it.

Chile and Sayless have their own sound and style and will be featured in this release. There are two separate parts to the song. The first is the hook, the repetition is quick and easy to remember. The second verse – is a rap-like performance that gives a more detailed side to the storytelling. When these two parts appear alternately, the music backs up the difference and evolution in a way that allows you to enjoy different playing opportunities. It’s a subtle touch as stated, but it’s something else that adds to the character and creativity of the track.



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