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Hurry Up

by Bouz2smooth x OS

Bouz2smooth and OS have collaborated on an infectious rap/hip-hop tune named “Hurry Up.” Their shared high school experience was the catalyst for a musical friendship that spanned continents. The Congolese musician Bouz2smooth and the Canadian musician OS began working together after realizing they had a passion for music.

Their creative chemistry hasn’t changed despite the fact that Bouz2smooth is now headquartered in Los Angeles and OS in London. The song “Hurry Up” is an example of the group’s ability to draw from a wide range of cultural sources to create a unique and exciting sound that incorporates rap and hip-hop with a global flavor.

This song represents their commitment and determination to realize their goals. Bouz2smooth and OS generate an infectious energy that resounds with audiences all around the world by drawing inspiration from their varied upbringings and the places they now call home.

Prepare to be carried away by Bouz2smooth and OS’s urgent musical trip, which features a combination of sounds from around the world. They’ve created a global phenomenon with their single “Hurry Up,” which features rap verses and a rhythm section that will get you pumped up and ready to go.


Bouz2smooth x OS

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