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Iceberg Mandalorian

by Wild Samson

UK-based hip-hop artist Wild Samson unveils his highly anticipated debut album, “Iceberg Mandalorian,” a collection of ten tracks that promise to take listeners on an immersive journey through the depths of the urban wilderness. Produced by a roster of talented beatmakers including Josh Esh, Beatenaunt, and Midas Cash, each track on the album showcases Wild Samson’s lyrical prowess and artistic versatility.

From the soulful vibes of “Gold Leaf” to the hard-hitting beats of “Gully Guttuso” featuring Ray Vendetta & DJ TMB, “Iceberg Mandalorian” offers a diverse sonic landscape that captivates from start to finish. With collaborations featuring artists like Hazz and Airklipz on “Revelations” and “Harmonious,” Wild Samson’s debut album is a testament to his unique voice in the hip-hop scene.

“Iceberg Mandalorian” is more than just an album, it’s a lyrical masterpiece that establishes Wild Samson as a rising star in the UK hip-hop scene. With its compelling storytelling and infectious beats, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

Iceberg Mandalorian by Wild Samson

Wild Samson

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