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In The Air Tonight

by The Road Warriors

The enticing rhythms of “In The Air Tonight” by the powerful band The Road Warriors are about to have you moving. The nu-disco backdrop is nicely matched by the visually fascinating official music video.

The Road Warriors are a great band based in Tucson and Phoenix who play electronic dance music and write thoughtful lyrics. Their music fuses nu-disco, trap, and soul in a way that is both unique and instantly appealing.

The band’s members have been playing together in numerous ensembles for many years, honing their skills in a wide range of musical styles. With a jazz pianist turned keyboardist, an R&B bassist, a drummer who teaches drum corps on electronic drums, a funk guitarist, and an indie drummer on acoustic drums, this group creates a unique and unforgettable sound.

In “In The Air Tonight,” The Road Warriors present their innovative, groovy sound. Don’t resist the urge to get up and dance; the upbeat music and enthusiastic performers will take you far away.

The Road Warriors

The Road Warriors

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