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by Tayib Sheikh

Tayib Sheikh, a gifted singer-songwriter, has created a musical time capsule in “Jaaniya” that will transport you back to the intense feelings you had as a young adult. Tayib Sheikh, a native of the beautiful city of Srinagar in the Indian state of Kashmir, has a passion for the folk and indie music genres and is dedicated to making music that is truly his own.

The sheer ability of music to capture the essence of youth is on full display in “Jaaniya,” a song written and recorded by him in 2012 when he was a teenager. It’s a trip down memory lane to a time when love was young and life was full of ups and downs.

The song “Jaaniya” captures the ferocity of Tayib’s adreneline and craziness during that time, which he describes as being like a “volcano.” The song is a powerful reminder of the intense feelings we all had as young people, even if the lyrics aren’t something he’s particularly proud of now.

Listen to “Jaaniya” by Tayib Sheikh and take a trip down memory lane as you recapture the unadulterated joy of first love.

Tayib Sheikh

Tayib Sheikh

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