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Just Another Day

by Frank Poelman

Embark on a musical journey with “Just Another Day” version 2024 by the talented Frank Poelman, a fusion maestro whose latest creation transcends genres. Frank Poelman introduces a captivating blend of Jazz, Funk, Disco, and Blues in this spellbinding composition.

“Just Another Day” is not just a song; it’s a fusion masterpiece that captures the essence of different musical worlds colliding. Frank Poelman, both the writer and performer, weaves a tapestry of Jazz intricacies, Funk rhythms, Disco vibes, and Bluesy soul into a harmonious experience.

As the notes unfold, listeners are transported to a realm where musical boundaries blur, and the soulful fusion resonates. With “Just Another Day” version 2024, Frank Poelman invites you to embrace the extraordinary within the ordinary, turning every day into a unique and unforgettable musical adventure.

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