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Killing Your Haters

by Grind Mode Chaos

Grind Mode Chaos, a rap trio from Miami, has returned with a brand new single. The group’s skill and vitality are on full display in the powerful “Killing Your Haters” rap song. Grind Mode Chaos construct an original sound by blending rap, hip hop, and worldwide influences. The band’s live shows are legendary for their infectious energy and fan involvement. The song “Killing Your Haters” is no exception, boasting a memorable chorus and meaningful lyrics. The trio may be seen performing in several Miami places in the music video, which can be accessed on YouTube. Listen to Grind Mode Chaos’s new album, which is a must-have for hip-hop and rap fans. For more information, you can follow the band on Instagram and Twitter at @GrindModeChaos.

Grind Mode Chaos

Grind Mode Chaos

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