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by Issata

Loudpack, the latest song from a novice artist called Issata, is full of Hip-Hop, Rap , R&B. If you are a true blue Hip – Hop lover you must explore Issata’s body of work which is uber cool and funky. And that’s what Hip – Hop and Rap is all about.To be precise it is about having a dialogue over anything that matters in a nonchalant manner. Issata does it with a stride.

Since I had to do some background research on the artist Issata, he hails from Chicago the land of rhymes and blues the influence over his work could be spotted easily. However, given his Afro – American origin one could safely say that Hip – Hop is in his genes. And not to forget Rap too.

In a nutshell, Loudpack the song is about one’s journey in life , the hardships , the struggles one must go through in order to reach their respective dreams. The journey ain’t easy. The road or the path to the final destination is full of distractions, disappointments and roadblocks. Be it Issata or anyone out there , nobody gets it easy. Even the ones we envy. We all go through struggles. However, the less privileged ones have it harder. The song is a tribute to them. And, that of course is my personal understanding of what Issata is trying to depict.

Perhaps Loudpack is all about what the younger Issata had to go through while growing up. If that had been the reason we must truly appreciate him for using Hip-Hop , Rap and R&B to vent out the frustration rather than using violent methods to showcase his outburst. For me it is a sign of maturity. An evolved person with a much larger understanding about life.

One’s journey in life is never an easy task. Having had those experiences makes one a more agile , perspective and perseverant person. Hence Loudpack gives us a glimpse of the curveballs life throws at and to be motivated to overcome those. Listen to Loudpack, to get some motivation.

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