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Loyal Brave True

by MayaAgnes

MayaAgnes transports you to the magical realm of Disney’s “Mulan” with her bold performance of the inspiring ballad “Loyal Brave True.” MayaAgnes, a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, is known for her unique sound and knack for musical storytelling.

MayaAgnes’s rendition of “Loyal Brave True,” originally performed by Christina Aguilera, is mesmerizing because of the way in which she injects her own distinctive flair into the song. Her rendition breathes new life into the song with a sound that was inspired by legends like Adele, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion.

Rock, R&B, and classical are just a few of the musical styles that MayaAgnes draws from to create a lush and evocative soundscape. Her music is a reflection of her life; via the depth of her voice and the strength of her lyrics, it takes the listener on a path to personal growth and freedom.

Through her captivating performance of “Loyal Brave True,” MayaAgnes evokes the spirit of “Mulan” and takes listeners on a journey of devotion, bravery, and truth.

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